What is Redesign?

Flair and Function offers a full range of comprehensive services for your re-design project.  You will receive personalized, one-on-one service with a commitment to your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget.


Re-design will breathe new life into your home. For those who feel that Interior Design is too costly or who may not want to part with their current belongings, a Re-design make-over is for you.


Our objective is to maximize your home's functionality while creating an individualized interior unique to you.  It will be your own personal retreat, styled to your individual and specific needs, interests and tastes.


We believe that interior design is a service for everyone, no matter your home size, location, or budget.  You are the decorator when it comes to what you want your home to feel like; you just need some help and direction to achieve it.  Everyone should have a home that they feel passionate about, one that is an expression of their personal style.  At Flair and Function, we are determined to ensure that each client is treated with respect and integrity when it comes to making choices for their own unique surroundings.  We will help you create a beautiful and functional space, while enhancing the home's appeal and overall market value.



An Interior Re-designer will look at the following:



* Focal Points


* Color


* Furniture Scale and Visual Weight


* Lighting  


* Accessories  


* Window Treatments



* Room Styles

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