Home Staging and Redesign Services
            "We do it all with Flair!"

Jodi Buck is a Certified Staging Professional™ and Redesign Consultant.  She began her training in the arts more than 25 years ago and continues to update her staging and redesign skills regularly.  While working with an award winning Architectural firm, Jodi gained a host of knowledge in the redesign field as well as excellent project management skills.  

Home Staging work is creating universally appealing functional spaces with welcoming surroundings.  First, she takes into account the functionality of a room; a dining room is a dining room, a kitchen is a kitchen and not an office or child’s play area.  Then, she makes the space universally appealing with symmetry, colour, flooring, lighting, furnishings, accessories and window treatments.   

 The Redesign aspect is much more personal.  The client is someone who wants updates and changes without leaving where they are.  All the same principles are still applied to the project, but tailored to meet the client’s individual use of the space and their personal taste and style; ensuring they'll maintain or increase the value of their property without spending more than their house is worth.  

Flair and Function is a Certified Home Staging business.  We adhere to the code of conduct as set forth by the Canadian Staging Professionals.
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